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A Lilith moment

I have lived my years on a razor wire’s edge, learned early of its broad line of sight, but when I step off it dissolves. I try to make my way on the rocky soil of choosing, but it either turns my ankle or trips me up because on solid ground I think I know.


I wrote a poem of repetition

It came quick and easy

but knew I couldn’t trust it

cuz there’s never just one side


      Living on the razor edge of understanding

      So you can see both sides

      Is fine for knowing where you are

      but challenging to balance


I cleaned it up and cut it down

made the lines much longer

then cut and sliced down again

bringing me closer to a goal


      Living on a line so thin

      you can slice you right in two

      knowing changes nothing

      and balance doesn’t allay the cut


I wrote a poem and named it at the end in just 5 minutes

Then forgot to mention wobble

and the potential cleaving the razor edge creates


I work best, that is at living, when I stay on that safety line, stretch of seeing both sides, and understanding where truth lies, when it’s dark with evil for its coat, or of course the opposite with sun bright smiling answers lined up neat and clean. Just allow me to use a balance pole across that edge between, and still know there is no power that keeps my footing firm.


      In just 5 minutes I can unload my mind

      In just 5 minutes I can lose my balance

      In just 5 minutes it could all be over




Sharon Lopez Mooney, “A Lilith Moment”, from Sybil Journal, ed. & publ. H.D. & Stephen R. Spencer, 2021

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