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amazing power of a haircut


each time I cut my hair I change the world

i take away their strength to hurt me

i twist rules and bend taboos

i turn my back on their styles


each time I cut my hair i am excited

i push a little further into unknown places

i become a landscape i create

the gardener of my own image


each time I cut my hair it gets shorter

i am cutting off their reins

i am growing the roots of a real woman

i am proving my power is not of their making


each time i cut my hair i laugh

i make hard muscles in each hand with the scissors

i cut hair for thousands of women not allowed

i celebrate the fuzz that covers my round skull


each time i cut my hair i am glad


my hair stands up straight , funny to feel



glad I believe in me enough

to have no protection!




Sharon Lopez Mooney, ‘amazing power of a haircut’, in “The Blotter Magazine”, October Issue, ed. Garrison Somers, Durham NC, Summer, 2022

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