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Backroad Reverie


The memory of winter

radiates through

passing amber-lit windows,

                              bare hillsides wave

as tires whip on wet blacktop

a sweet aching

snuggles behind words

slowly filling me with

hints of a wafting comfort

                              giant oaks wait

memories nestle around me

chasing times gone

out of my hungry reach,

smoke drifts up the chimney

steam drips down the windows

as gravy simmers on low,

                              fir trees remember

a warm willingness

holds its breath

in a child’s wish

for one day,

                              the agéd cyprus knows

of forgive and forget,

to simply savor

belonging together



Sharon Lopez Mooney, Backroad Reverie, “Soul-Lit”, ed. Wayne-Daniel Berard, Spring 2022 Poems, Rhode Island,

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