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Coaching Conversations


When life transitions (loss, facing decisions, change) occur, it becomes an opportunity to expand into more conscious and intentional awareness about life. Coaching Conversations, as I define my services, accompanies you as you attempt to learn and grow in your own personal, and living aspects of being human. The time can awaken you to the mystery in all of life and provide a place to share your sacred questions, decisions, behaviors and stories with respect and reflection, and deepen your relationship with your own divine ability to step into an active relationship with your life.

As a retired Interfaith Minister offering Coaching Conversations, I provide witness to you to learn to live more peacefully with compassion and love in your connection to life, which is sacred in the nature of its vastness. I support you as you face into your transitional time and your visceral connection to the land or to family, your lineage, ancestors in whatever way you are facing them now.

I listen deeply to the provocative questions you may ask and stand with you while you uncover your answers. It is not psychotherapy or counseling, I do not intend to fix anything. It is a conversation and reflection with you, exploring the possibilities, challenges and blessings that come from living an intentional and thus more spiritually aware life.

All conversations are via Zoom, last one hour, and are scheduled by agreement.

Sharon Lopez Mooney, published poet, Interfaith Minister, spiritual coach