Counting down the clock



In just 3 minutes I can almost unload my mind

In just 3 minutes the world could flip over and we’d fall off

In just 3 minutes my chairs are blown into a chorus line dancing across my veranda

Notice how life can morph into two of me watching each other

Notice how my body has tensed, stopped, loosened


Because in 3 snaps of a finger clouds might become angry for what we cannot imagine

Because in 3 snaps of a finger the hillside can bloom with our debris carried on wind

Because in 3 snaps of the finger night edges out sunlight and claims the sky

Not to mention how I aged ten lifetimes of a grandchild

Not to mention how you can lose a whole entire life


In barely 3 years my eyes have not eaten their fill of morning’s landscape

In barely 3 days my garden has drunk its fill of nectar from clouds

In merely 3 minutes wind can explode from the bahía into mimicry of a hurricane

In 3 nanoseconds I might never savor the color of my kids’ teasing again

In 3 blinks of the eye I must be ready

Sharon Lopez Mooney, breathing out, from: “Ginosko Literary Journal”, Spring Issue #28, Ed. Robert Paul Cesaretti, Fairfax, CA, Spring 2022, print & online