A Haven

in a Storm

Grief & Loss


Grief after the loss of a loved one, an accident, a major illness, a divorce or any other life changing event is a normal human response. It is not an illness or disability. Allowing ourselves the time and support we need to heal and continue on should also be a natural human response. But, for many, our busy, hurry-up culture has lost its connections with those traditional human practices.

People who are grieving often feel isolated and confused. Most of us are unprepared for the intensity of our response to a major loss and we are often unrealistic about how we will feel in the months to come.


This time after a loss may be filled with feelings and reactions we don't understand or know how to deal with. What we know for sure is that grief is specific to each of us. Each person grieves in their own personal way, but frequently is worried they should be doing something else, often because others are encouraging them to move on, or get back to 'regular life' or some other helpfully intended encouragement.

Grief Support creates a safe place for people to just be where they are in their grief, feel comforted and understood. As an Interfaith Minister, I assist people in moving towards healing, difficult as that may be. With understanding and compassion, a person can experience less suffering and greater ease. Meeting one-on-one, we talk about the unique experiences, feelings, and needs the person, the shape of their grief and how they might continue to move toward healing.

Grief is an ongoing journey, one that changes and can diminish or deepen over time. Grief Support can offer the power to transform the pain of loss into growth, healing and inspiration for the future at each person's own pace. Grief Support is intended to be a haven in which each person recognizes their individual path to healing and receives the support they need on that journey. Grief Support is for anyone who is coping with a major loss.

Sharon Lopez Mooney, published poet, Interfaith Minister, spiritual coach