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Heading back / Inspiration



Mt Tetakawi smiles into early morning

             with sensual invitation

                           to travel

                                         down into the heart

                                                     of his rise and fall


to burrow in his heavy rocks

             holding old secrets

                           buried by ancient Yaqui and Seri warriors

                                         taking respite before return to battle


his erotic invitation to turn face up to the clouds sketching fantastic

             shapes and messages

                           along mountain’s rough profile


then dive into bahía’s seductive depths

                           where desire swims,

                                         and darts into vacated shells

                                                   craving new a home and secrets to create


or maybe summersaults are needed

             along desert’s generous

                           expanse where sumptuous

                                         cacti circle to protect

                                            ancient wisdom

                                                   hiding in their pulsing roots



Copyright © Sharon Lopez Mooney, “Heading back”, originally published in Willows Wept Review, Issue 30, ed. Troy Urquhart, Florida 2023

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