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I am big

my legs stand against the sky

my feet make their way thru mountain peaks

I throw handfuls of stars into the heavens

I massage the heart beat of the earth

with the rhythm of my walk

i am strong

i pleasure at my image in the ocean

i shawl my shoulders with clouds

cover my hips with rain storms

the sun freckles my back

and i shadow the mushroom and fern

i am in the middle of life

neither new nor finished

the color rises in my cheeks with the sun

my skin is smooth across firm muscles

my eyes are mountain ponds

clear and open

my voice is heard in the call of the eagle

i am serpentine

i stand steady with myself





© Sharon Lopez Mooney, “I Am Big”, originally published in Young Ravens Literary Review, Issue #17, eds. Sarah Page and Elizabeth Pinborough, December 2022,  USA,

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