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I Know a Woman


I know a woman frightened
turning to the mirror each day
armed with the terror 
she will find a stranger
staring back

I know a woman
who lost her self
watching it slide out of reach 
arms stretched
beyond their limits grasping

I know a woman scarred
who uses lace and jewelry
silks and woolens
to cover her breast
hiding the mess
of shame on her

I know a woman 
no where to go, compelled
into darkness alone
fire in her eyes boiling in her heart
earth beneath her disintegrates
and she is flung
into the rest of her life
crashing through walls
illusions shattered

I know a woman
who boldly spits

in her dirty hands
using it to mold scabs and tears
of nightmares and deamons
into a lair where
she’s become a mature animal
to venture into wasteland
face her shadow
pitch her voice into the wind



Sharon Lopez Mooney, ‘I Know a Woman, in Poetry is a Mountain, a poetry anthology, ed. Kevin Watt, 2019, Social Design, Inc, Pullman WA, p. 8

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