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Intimate Conversations


We talk about race, he and I

he trusts me, I trust him

it’s what makes us a coin flipped

he tall skinny, me short rounded

he traditional, me irregular

me schooled, he self educated

he black, me white

he christian, me something unnamed

he there, california

me here, mexico

I know him

he knows me


We talk about race, he and I

he works in the system, I no longer have jobs

he’s reminded he’s black everyday

I am favored simply by my whiteness

his anger boils, my voice silently listens

he sabotaged by them, me familiar with their treachery

he doesn’t trust them, I know them well

together we wail


We talk about race, he and I

his righteousness prickly hot

rejecting exclusion, deceit

he fights for the kids

defeats their forecasted failures

turns his back to fear

calls me to remember he’s building

a dream for all of them

I am certain of him, he gives me his secrets

together we try to dream

a new future

Sharon Mooney, “Intimate Conversations”, in Galway Review, a literary magazine, ed Máire Holmes, December 2020, NUI Galway Academic Press, Galway IR,

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