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it's time to let go, mother tree



mother tree, i am cutting the roots that bind us

the sun has toughened my skin

it sings against my stomach as i raise the axe

telling me i am no longer you, the tree

i have become other       needing different ground,

the wind howls that i am not

flesh of your flesh       sap of your sap any longer

your roots are old and twisted in finding moisture

there will be relief as i separate us

i will no longer diminish your life’s food

i will plant this womon in new earth

rich enough to grow my own roots deep

becoming old and strong as you did

you are magnificent

and we are of different wood




Sharon Lopez Mooney, “it’ time to let go, mother tree”, in Writing In A Woman's Voice, ed. Beate Sigriddaughter, Silver City, July 13, 2021, New Mexico,

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