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Just this side 


One thought or the other, a single micro motion

or the whole almost invisible separation just this side of there


a line so fine so infinite, mind, eye, heart cannot find it even

in sunlight, nor see the synaptic discharge of creation vibrate on it


if you can think it you’ve missed the stop, the line, the gate,

a close encounter with the truth, we might call it death


creation has no name, a breath simply settled along the separation

just this side of there, an electric shock in life’s kinesis


we like sharp corners true, clear lines, defining moments

straight talk, we like it hard and fast and sure


oh, but that line, an ephemeral exhale of conception’s twilight,

a breeze of bird’s wing high above breathable air


that defining quality between here and there, where i am and not

where tomorrow and yesterday are wrapped in embrace


just this side of that gate is where we live for now, spoken into being

until we find ourselves whispered onto the other side of now


a line so fine, it pulses imperceptible forever

Copyright © Sharon Lopez Mooney, “of earth”, originally published in Alchemy and Miracles Anthology, ed. Cassandra Arnold, Gilbert and Hall Press, Calgary, Canada 2023

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