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Language of the sea 



Two seals lace in and out of brisk agua bahía

the dancing glance of sun undulates around them,

they, as aware of nearby men fishing from a panga boat

as the men are of them getting caught in the net.

They do not speak to each other, but do not doubt

their hearts share a language of caution to the dangers for both.


Pelicans sit in rippling circles of patient vigil for fresh scraps

to be flung overboard, serving up delicious breakfast,

but nothing comes together, the barren net is diligently

pulled in, float clack by clack, beating a rhythm on the

boat side of exhausted emptiness. Seals dip with no regret

through churned up waves of nothing but wet and tide,

pelicans lift off in sequence for more interesting locales,


all ease away from a barren early morning hunt

but continue the search against hunger.

Sharon Lopez Mooney, Language of the sea, from: “Ginosko Literary Journal”, Spring Issue #28, Ed. Robert Paul Cesaretti, Fairfax, CA, Spring 2022, print & online

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