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Let’s listen                            



Listen to the sound of our fingers tapping on our hearts

as though life wants to come through every opening

but is shy, coming only when she’s longed for


Listen to the sound of our morning elixir dripping into the cup,

rich brew building in little splashes of pleasure

bringing the wonder of taking a next step and the next


Listen to our better judgement when we stand up to move

called better because hearing that mainline to truth is in us

if only we hadn’t clogged the hallways with protective padding


Listen to our prayers hoping even when we fear they won’t be heard

our hope stretching far into our own future and creation’s,

or might they be crying for times we wouldn’t listen, wouldn’t stop


Listen… let’s just listen, let’s just sit here and listen, no, not meditate

or cogitate or consider the situation, just listen to the morning,

to our heartbeats, rhythm of creation, the sacred passing with the clouds

Sharon Lopez Mooney, “Let’s Listen”, From The Roundtable Literary Journal, 56th Edition, ed. Caitlin Chester and Elizabeth Burton, Hopkinsville, KY, 2022

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