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Lonely dark



your voice surrounds me in fog

of interrupted sleep

with hot yearning

reaching through virtual miles

to touch me awake


we each on the other side

of an elusive border

that flexes and teases me

into believing

on certain Tuesdays and Sundays

something is possible

has to be, must be

while on alternating Fridays and Mondays

an impenetrable wall appears

painted to reveal the end of everything

the beginning of forever

a solo future stretching

out onto a broad inviting horizon


I stand knee deep in sea water

nuzzling the shoreline

of burning hunger

I cling to desert scrub securing me

you sit on endless rootings

surrounded by imaginings and galaxies

ruling minds crave control

creating limits to your dreams,

the tacit expanse is holding us apart,

but again I hear the possibility of union

in the opening lines

of your midnight call tried

loving into the dark of my night



© Sharon Lopez Mooney, “Lonely dark”, originally published in Brown Bag LLC, Issue #6 Spring, ed. Benji Knight,  Knoxville, TN 2023

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