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Night’s mystery​



Night’s silent invitation draws me seductively into the unknown, a lure toward secrets, a hint from the dark is whispered when crickets sing, frogs serenade and pooches bark at shadows, the dark feels soft on the skin, kisses ever so lightly with surprised bliss


oh, but oh!, silken joy of early morning is another all together, the mixing bowl of dawn breaks open eggs of creation on the sharp edges of earth where nothing can match that moment of emergent golden sun


when light becomes movement and hums the whole of creation to stretch its arms out purely for the pleasure, feeling the natural silence of early dawn, the harmony and rhythm of earth waking, and the coming day’s living that wears time like a protective shawl


stepping into morning draws new breath from deep within the caves of earth’s wrinkles, while along the flash of ocean’s heartbeat, the forest bows and the morning lark invents a new melody to the sun


as does light, i too, may, if i’m brave enough, break through dark into the slow graceful ballad of vanishing harmony at the horizon.


Copyright © Sharon Lopez Mooney, “Night’s Mystery”, originally published in First Literary Review, July Issue, ed. Cindy Hockman, Brooklyn, NY 2023

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