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Orange is feisty 



Orange is decisively wavering

at best it fades fast in places it frequents

is quicksilver in paint cans

moving from flame to salmon without a care


At times orange is so bright

neighbors pull down their shades

sometimes fired she’s burnt ochre

able to rub tender throats raw


Often she’s found hiding behind

rowdy rows of faded family fotos

and has enuf nerve to niggle her way

into the spinning of fancy carpet colors


Orange is my body’s favorite balm

folks are happy to see it flashed over me

but won’t let it rest on their hesitant moods

even if it is the one chosen for sun’s delicate rise




Sharon Lopez Mooney, “Orange is feisty”, in The Charleston Anvil, an Admixt Creative Journal, #15 Winter Issue, Charleston, West Virginia, 2022, print & online:

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