Writing History

I am a crone writing in an uncommon common voice about people’s stories, death, aging, and witnessing our culture, while I put shoulder to the wheel of change and hope with all I write. Now retired from Interfaith Ministry in the death and dying field, I live in Mexico and visit my thriving family in northern California.


In 1978 I received a California Arts Council Grant to establish a rural poetry series; also co-published a small regional arts journal; was a co-owner of an alternative literature service; and produced poetry readings and performances.


My poems have been published or are forthcoming in the journals and publications:

The MacGuffin

Fallow Deer

Muddy River Poetry Review

The Voices Project

The Avalon Literary Review

Adelaide International Magazine

Galway Review

Ginosko Literary Review

and anthologies:

Calyx: Women and Aging

Songs to the Sun

Poetry is a MountainT

he Wide Open Sky

Words are Power

Smoke & Myrrors (UK).

On the poem page is the publication date and where it was published. Only poems that have been published are included here.

A Selection of Poems to Read

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Secrets of a journey

I know a Womon

Magnificent Frigatebird

I am old

There's a great truth here

Rich, dark and moist

Middle Womon

Aging, a family thing

Intimate Conversations 

They don't notice us those trees

Outside the Night Watchman

                 marks the hours

When the ask me where I'm from

Is every kitchen sink under a window?

And, I quote Hifiz, I lean as close to you                 with my words as I can

A charming elderly couple

Sharon Lopez Mooney, published poet, Interfaith Minister, spiritual coach

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