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His heart cries as he tries to....

Backroad Reverie

I am our family elder

Something's whispering

Memoir of a Life

Where the light gets in

In the wee Sonoran hours

Short hair since I was twelve


Language of the sea

Counting down the clock

breathing out

if mountain were a poem

Ballad of my daddy

Prisoner of war at home

Sometimes you just keep going

Love song to a moving target

Let's listen

I've got skin in the game

amazing power of a haircut

Northern California fire season

Writing History

I never wrote poetry as a youngster. I grew up in a mildly diverse ethnic working class community where the closest I got to literature of any kind was the 'Reader's Digest' condensed versions of books. Once I got to Catholic boarding high school, my greater education began, but still I did not write my own poems. Even in college the thought never came to me to write poetry.


In 1975 when my young family and I moved to the West Marin County California small community, Point Reyes Station, I did start writing with the inspiration of the community of writers who met at the used bookstore we owned. The store and book collection had developed a literary reputation even before we took it over, and we continue to build it. It was in that writer's group, which morphed into a group that lasted for twelve years, where I learned to write and edit poetry.

In 1978 I received a California Arts Council Grant to establish a rural poetry series; also over those years I co-published a small regional arts anthology; was a co-owner of an alternative literature service; and produced poetry readings and performances, all the while as I was mother and life partner to a wonderful photographer, and was known to be a political activist. That was the beginning of my writing career.


I've been seriously writing since 1978. Now, I am a crone writing in an uncommonly common voice of age and experience about people’s stories, death, aging, and witnessing our culture, while I put shoulder to the wheel of change and hope, with all I write. I retired from Interfaith Chaplaincy in the End of Life field, and live in Sonora, Mexico, and visit my thriving family in northern California. Over the decade my poems have been published in a variety of journals and publications, check above to read those published poems.

Only poems that have been published are included on this website. On the poem page is the publication date and where it was published. The links that are live (underlined) are poems that are available to read, but the non-underlined pieces are waiting the publishing dates.


Fallow Dee

The MacGuffin

Muddy River Poetry Review

The Voices Project

The Avalon Literary Review

Adelaid International Magazine

Galway Review

Ginosko Literary Review

California Quarterly 

Sybil Journal

Poetic Medicine

Door is a Jar

Glassworks Magazine


The Ricochet

RoundTable Literary Jouranl

Hags on Fire

NewVerse News


Writing in a Woman's Voice

Evening Street Review

Unlikely Stories Mark V

The Mindful Word

Smokey Blue Literary &  Arts Magazine

Field Guide Poetry Magazine



Cold Lake Anthology

CALYX: Women and Aging

Songs to the Sun

Poetry is a Mountain

The Wide Open Sky

Words are Power

Smoke & Myrrors (UK)

Revealing Everything Anthology