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relentless hungry animal



with raven i hunt for You along a reach of mountain

eavesdrop on

              a squabble of gulls wrestling

                           each other with flap of wing

i wait breathless for

              little flits of sparrow songsters

                      to answer You

i follow the trail of tiny beetles

                            over the edge of wonder

i scour silver flashes of sea for messages

surrender to hypnotic waves pulsing

teasing my hopes

              with empty bubbles

                            no answers lie within these surges

original treasure is buried

              deep inside the center of birth

i excavate Your core

              to find the answer

                       i already know

                            but cannot name


Copyright © Sharon Lopez Mooney, “relentless hungry animal”, originally published in The Blotter Magazine, October Issue, ed. Garrison Somers, Durham NC, 2023

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