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Remembering Tao this morning 



Tao is

not name

no thing

no beginning

no word

not silence

is everything

is Tao

fish know this

birds know this

we think we know

we    think    is the problem

we are jealous of wind

who knows nothing

we area selfish with earth

because she knows not

and still we    think    we know

all is Tao

but is nothing

no mind can read this map

no heart can imitate this truth

I can only be Tao

without understanding

in absence of sense

outside body

not having breath

Where there is no longer word or silence

Tao is apprehended, Chuang Tzu taught

my humanness strives to not

my heart desires no word

my body surrenders

my solace is water

my savior wind

my name is none

my hands empty

my voice speaks no sound

the way opens

i approach



Sharon Lopez Mooney, "Remembering Tao", From The Ricochet Review, Vol. 8, ed. Samuel Reynolds, Chicago, IL 2021.

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