Interfaith  Minister


I didn’t say Go!


Ah…I didn’t say I wanted to play hide and seek

with You

You’re too good at hiding

in places right in front of me

where I do not see!


But I cannot resist

Your haunting hum

inviting me to

find you

Crooning how I am already kissing you

I just close my eyes and taste


Sharon Lopez Mooney, published poet, Interfaith Minister, spiritual coach

Writing as a Spiritual Practice

I have been a poet/writer for over 40 years in different genres and different jobs. Now, retired, happily living in Mexico, poetry is my primary interface into the world. I lived 40 years in Northern California where my grown children and grandchildren thrive still.


In 1975, I received a California Arts Council Grant to establish a local poetry reading series; I was a co-publisher of a small regional arts journal, 'Fallow Deer', while being a partner in Straight Talk Distributing, an independent, alternative pamphlet distribution service. My poems have been included in journals and anthologies.


My poetic voice, after decades of growing within deep internal learning, is now speaking out of old women, hate and fear, the Beloved, and the profound daily life of the natural world and people around me. My intention in my writing is to share whatever perspective and wisdom I’ve gained, and to participate in breaking open the world into new possibilities.


My main life focus is poetryaging with grace, breathing and writing.

My 'Call' to Ministry


My ordination as an Interfaith Minister came after a thirty-five year spiritual quest. My work has always had at its heart, human communication, and so it was a natural evolution into work that provides spiritual companionship to others in their conversation with their spiritual selves.


I am inspired by the people who have been open to sharing their spiritual journey with me. I am, myself, nourished by the gift of their trust in my companionship through whatever transition they are facing. It has also been a profound privilege to stand at the threshold of death with people and their families, helping to recognize and honor the sacredness of the life that is passing.


The practice of my ministry is open to people of any and all spiritual traditions, those with a church, those without a church, those of no specific spiritual tradition, and those of no spiritual beliefs.

Reverend Sharon Mooney completed Seminary and Ordination at The Chaplaincy Institute, an Interfaith Seminary. She is a Chaplain, trained in Clinical Pastoral Education by ACPE & CPSP . She is a Certified Professional Behavioral & Attitude Analyst in 2002, and was certified as a Re-Evaluation Counselor in 1981.