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So many ways to lose your heart

He drank strong, black coffee

before it was in every corner shop

and smoked camel cigarettes

from 12 to 44 when he died of them.


We grew up in the celluloid

decades when strong, silent types

smoked, did not quite follow the rules

and wore the sexy aroma of rogue honor.


He and I were young, fresh sponges

ready to believe easy dreams,

ride audacity with the heroes

across the silver screen of our future.


They sold us two models, one the

straight arrow guy, and another

sexy, rule bending lover who was

our technicolor in the black & white 50’s.


We rode the dream to the end of Easy Rider

when we too fell off, we grew up with our children.

But we all paid a terrible price for our early trust

in the seductive illusions packaged and sold for profit.

© Sharon Mooney, “So many ways to lose your heart”, From Adelaide Literary Magazine International, VI #44, ed. Stevan V. Nikolic, New York / Lisbon, January 9, 2021, print and online:

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