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Something’s whispering



A horde of prayers circled the veranda, slid over

its edge, onto dry thirsty ground, floated off again

along the highway of butterflies and bees


Endless petitions rumpled into a breathing cloud

bigger than imagination, smaller than a wish

humming tunes of gull wings and cricket clicks


Invocations headed for the clouds hiding the heavens

waving over the seas, sifting with desert sand

oozing their way through fecund mud from the rains


Swarming, not quite visible, enriching the air,

flavoring the breeze, replenishing their numbers,

correcting their flow, renewing their destinations


Growing in strength, expanding with the music of longing

supplications honing each other in flight, building a new

dream, forming a new story, shifting our world



Sharon Lopez Mooney, Something’s whispering, from “Glassworks”, Spring Issue, ’22, ed. Myriah Stubee. Etal., Glassboro, New Jersey 2022

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