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Stepping into 5 am

                    Bahia San Carlos, Mexico




belongs here


not just quiet, lack of sound but                      stillness


deep within everything turning, tuning together.


Across on buoys bobbing at shoreline, even seagulls have stopped squabbling

as night seasons the air with its massive hold, the full moon of January relieves

the stars of their guard posts for a while longer.


The silver globe dazzles its bold shimmer onto the sea adding to moon light, but

even a double moon does not move the pitch of night

reaching deep into the sky invoking stars, spreading flat against the water

allowing mysterious dark sea life to have its way for a few hours more.


I slip into shadow of night with brimming mountains, a few lit homes on far shore

lavish moon radiance, hushed waters, and three panga boats fishing close in, two

with dim lanterns held in shadowy bows, one simply working in deep trust

of the full moon’s promise.


I draw in my breath matching this dense moment, Have I seen a painting of this?

Is the embodied, slow motion of time and solitude what draws me into

this composition with three fishermen whose lives are built of salt and waiting?

© Sharon Mooney, “Stepping into 5 am – Bahia San Carlos, Mexico”, From Adelaide Literary Magazine International, From Adelaide Literary Magazine International, VI #44, ed. Stevan V. Nikolic, New York / Lisbon, January 9, 2021, print and online:

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