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    a stroll with god

i sense your hand on my hip,


i sense delight in you              as we sway


                          along the open invitation of sea

where your hum so softy sooths

                          silver luna fish they must break the surface

                                                   to catch your subtle melody

your footfall is silent

                                             on the dark wet sand

i feel the lusty breeze of         your presence

                                                            encircling me

softer than a gull’s shudder              in early morning

our excitement is

                         as high as clouds

                                                   kissing the horizon

you are the scent of the fresh waves        i inhale

as we become hawk pilots, you and I,

                                                         falling back on wild currents

in swooping shouts of mirth across

                                                            the drunken bahía

i argue with the drops of rain,                      but the deep lilt of you

                           beguiles my yearning into pleasure

with the passion of the mysterious sunset

Copyright © Sharon Lopez Mooney, “Strolling with god”, originally published in The Alembic, Providence College, ed. Emma Snelgrove & Morgan Stoffel, Providence, RI 2023

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