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I am our family elder


She wants me to give her

what she chose to not have


She asks again, give me progeny, give me our myths

in the shape of history and missing information


She wants me to pull stories from our family cloud

hanging humid with secrets, lies never spoken of


She wants me to conjure tales she can

propagate like the children she never wanted


She calls again, asks again for mysteries of our single uncle,

I tell her again every drop of whisper I can remember


She imagines family legends will care for her in years ahead

like the caring daughter or dutiful twins boys she might have had


But the stories turn to dust in the air between us

I cannot weave a story where she will not be alone when she’s old

Sharon Lopez Mooney, I am our family elder, “Soul-Lit”, ed. Wayne-Daniel Berard, "Spring 2022 Poems", Rhode Island,

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